Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Sister!

 I'm back at it in my Crush Book again!  I know I always talk about how much I enjoy this book, but I do!  The hearts are texture paste and this book takes it like a pro.  I load the pages with embellishments and such and it always stands to the challenge.  You just can't say that about all art journals/books.

I was inspired by the Challenge over at Heart 2 Heart where the theme is Opposites Attract.  For me, this was all about my sister and me!  She was the tall, thin, pretty one.  I was the short, stockier, cute one.  She is strong in Science and very smart; I was more creative and excelled in music.  She was popular; I was an oboe player!  ;)  (Really, think back to that kid who played oboe in your HS band.  What?  You don't even remember him/her?  You do and you thought he/she was the nerdiest person you'd ever met?  Yeah, that was--is me!)

Anyway, you get the idea!  We are pretty much opposite of each other.  However, we both love ice cream and share it quite frequently!

This page, although it's in the Wildwood book, features the Brushed papers and compliments.  The flower is made from some old fabric and has a center piece from the Wander compliments.  The letters are from Artbooking.

Thanks for coming by today and give your sister/brother a call!  You know she/he would love some ice cream!  ;)


  1. FUN! I love a mini (for me) that I can supe-up way more than I do my big pages.

  2. Great job, what a fun layout. I love all the little details you included! Thank you for playing along with Heart 2 Heart Challenge!

    Brandi R
    H2H DT member

  3. So sweet! I love what you've done with your My Crush book. Thanks for sharing with us @ H2H!