Monday, February 15, 2016

Mirror, Mirror!

Well it's mid-February and time for the Path of Positivity mid-way post!  Our theme this month is Desire and in my first post I pondered this theme discussing the expression "your heart's desire" and that post went in several directions!  This post is a sort of part 2 taking us back to the apple in part one! ;)  

I was thinking about the apple and that led me on a journey to the fairy tale about Snow White and that wicked queen who desired to be "the fairest of them all!"  Now, this whole concept made me wonder about my own desires that lead to my goals....... 

Obviously, Queen Grimhilde (from Snow White) had very selfish desires and would go to wicked lengths to achieve those desires.  However, I want to take this in a little different direction, how many times do we set goals based on desires that are not our own?  Maybe they are goals set on the desires of society, companies, commercials, tv, stigmas, etc.  Are we looking in the mirror with desires of being the fairest meaning the upright, just person?  Or are we out to be the fairest meaning beautiful in the eyes of society's standards?  How far will I go to achieve those desires with either definition?  

Wow, the PoP themes always push and pull me in so many directions off the beaten path!  I suppose that is the purpose, yes?  

So, here is my synopsis on the desire theme:  I desire to set my goals in such a way to bring about the healthiest most positive outcomes for my family and little area of society ~ much like Snow White who worked hard to bring about fairness and peace in her little corner of the forest!

~  ~  ~  

How are you inspired by this theme?  We can't wait to see what your thoughts are!  Be sure to visit Path of Positivity and see how the rest of the Design Team interprets this idea!  You will also want to check out the great prizes from our sponsors Ike's Art, Scribbles Designs, Creative Bug Digital Snapshots and Deccosse's Dynamite Doodles.  

On to the details of my card!  

Ike's Art:  Snow White Image
CTMH Cardstock/Paper:  Kaleidoscope, Charlotte, Honey, Whisper, Ruby
Cartridges:  CTMH Artistry, CTMH Artfully Sent, Cricut Serenade
Embellishments:  Bo Bunny Double Dot Gems, CTMH Aqua Gems
Coloring:  Copics, CTMH Watercolor Pencils, CTMH Colorless Blender  

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  1. Wow very nice card - love the image and pearl buttons on her dress thanks for sharing!!!