Monday, April 4, 2016

Dance Through Life

It's time for another Path of Positivity Challenge and this month it's all about Grace.  As always in my PoP posts, I want to explore the theme a bit before I commit to one path.  Grace is an interesting word with so many different ideas from meal time prayer to beauty/elegance/poise.  Now, although this image from Pickled Potpourri is very beautiful and elegant, I'd like to take this in a different direction......don't I always!  ;)

Lately in my own personal life, I have had to accept some changes that have been somewhat difficult for me.  Due to several sinus surgeries and chronic sinusitis, I am all but retiring from my professional music career.  

For those who are musicians, you know this means not just leaving your job but leaving behind an identity.  Having been practically married to that oboe for over 40 years, it really does define's who I am.  I've carried that thing around for 80% of my life!  I've taken it everywhere with me including vacations and restaurants (you can't leave an oboe in the car--ever!).  

I have decided I have a couple of choices.  I can either sit around and pout, cry and mourn that piece of me OR I can recreate my identity, my purpose,,,,,, my life.  I will admit, I have done some mourning, but at the same time I have been recreating my life all along.

Now, what does this have to do with grace?  Well, I suppose it is this: I am choosing to accept this part of life with grace.  I will be willing, and I will ungrudgingly accept my changing life.  I will not stomp around mad; I will "Just Dance" with grace through these changes!  We all have to make changes; change is how we grow and evolve in our thinking.   .....and it's all going to be ok.  Better than ok!  Less reed making and practicing means lots more time for grand-girls, horses, and CRAFTING!  YAY!  

This candle will remind me to "Just Dance" through the tough times!  

*   *   *   *   

Now, you've read my ideas on grace; what's your story?  What do you think of when you ponder this concept?  Share your thoughts with us through craft/story/art at Path of Positivity for a chance to win some great prizes!  Our sponsors this month are Pickled Potpourri, Decosse's Dynamite Doodles, and Creative Bug Digital Snapshots.  So, pop on over to PoP and see what Design Team has to share and check out the prizes.  We can't wait to see what you create!

Material List:
Just Dance Image and Just Dance Sentiment  are from Pickled Potpourri 
Pillar Candle
Black Waxed Twine
Pink Embroidery Floss
Satin Flower from Stash

She is dancing off to the following challenge:

613 Avenue Create:  AG optional twist Whiter Shade of Pale

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  1. Katrina, you're always so inspiring with your writings and your projects. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your beautiful candle.

  2. What a gorgeous project to share with us at 613 Avenue Create this week, good luck in the draw.
    Lorraine DT

  3. Your project is fabulous and your health challenges resonate with me. You have my deepest empathy. My disease attacked my vocal cords first. It was one of the first symptoms my husband noticed. I was singing in the car (as usual) and he said, "Babe, do you have a cold or are you losing your voice." And, because my disease attacks muscles, I have some respiratory challenges which forced me to give up my clarinet. I still mourn losing my voice when my favorite songs come on and I can't hit a note or am forced to sign two registers below my usual. Stay graceful! Thanks for playing along with us here at 613 Avenue Create!
    Chana, Owner

    1. Thanks for sharing, Chana! I'm so sorry for you losing your singing voice and the clarinet. I'm so thankful we have visual arts we can use as a creative outlet! Definitely that old idea of one door closing and the window opening!

  4. Beautiful Candle, what material did you use to cut the image out?
    I am so sorry for you loss, but so happy you will feel peace and grace through the transition
    Thank you for your inspiration.

    1. I used a thin weight copier paper and ripped the edges around the image. If I were to do it again, I would use the Cricut print and cut and cut just the image to adhere. I have heard of people using tissue paper, but I wasn't sure if my printer would take that! Be careful not to heat it onto the candle too long! ; ) Thanks for your kind words.