Monday, January 23, 2017

....continuation of January 9th Post

.......we just have to stop and consider.  Yes, I can press on all I like, but if it isn't the right time to receive an answer, I must stop pressing and wait.  I must look around and consider God's wonders and know the right answer will come.  

This image from Ike's Art with resting Gypsy Wagon and Horse is the perfect picture to show how I need to stop, relax and wait patiently.  I need to park myself for a moment and consider.

So, the road ahead .... my journey for 2017.... I guess I want to learn when to Press On and when to Stop and Consider.  I want to be more patient in finding answers.  

What does the road ahead hold for you?  We'd love to share in what you are doing, read your thoughts, see your art, etc.  You can share with us over at Path of Positivity.  We are sponsored this month by Scribbles Designs and Ike's Art.

Thanks for stopping by, PoP on over to the challenge and see what the rest of the team is doing and share with us your thoughts, art, and inspirations!


  1. A fabulous creation and so wise words!
    xoxo Olga

  2. How beautiful those pages are and a very wise inspirational sentiment. Thank you using my images and it is a pleasure to Sponsor you :-)

    IKE x

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