Monday, October 21, 2019


Courage is the optional theme over at Path of Positivity! What does courage mean to you?  

I'm going a little different direction with this post about courage as I'm tying it in with Halloween!  So, ready to meander down this winding path with me?

Consider all those children dressing up as fairy princesses, super heroes, cartoon characters, monsters, villains, animals, etc. to walk from house to house and retrieve their copious amounts of scrumptious candy!  The better the costume, the more the children think.  No child wants to throw the old ripped sheet over their head to be a ghost; they want a fancy "store bought" costume.  Do they think they will get better candy?  Do they think it will make a difference the day after Halloween?  

Now, consider us adults; are we any different?  Some of us dress every day to be someone we are not.  We even act as someone we are not - all because we don't have the courage to be who we are.  Yes, it takes courage to be our "real selves" and not a super hero or fairy princess!  It takes less courage to be who society says we should be and fit the status quo!  

I think for Halloween I will take a time out and be a tired, worn, middle-aged Nana who loves her family and strives to be the best she can be!  I will embrace the laugh lines, scrapes, scars, and grey hair that describe the life I've led!  I will show courage and simply be ME!  Maybe, if it works for Halloween, I'll continue to be that person every day!  Time will tell!  
Who will you be?

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This fun billboard card design is from Scribbles Designs.  It was a very easy make with gel pens and fun green yarn!  I layered with purple and orange papers onto a black card base perfect for Halloween!  

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  1. HaR! I sometimes dressed up as a teacher, which I was. Blew the kids minds!!!