Sunday, March 9, 2014

our shepherd

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge challenged us to pick a holiday.  Now, one would think this would be an easy, easy challenge.  I saw it on Monday and here it is Sunday and I'm typing quickly to beat the deadline.  I just couldn't pick one!  So, with 2 hours and 20 minutes left I finally have my card ready!

I was sitting in church when the idea of a cross made from shepherd's crooks came to me.  Of course, this conjured up the lambs and I began to wonder how sheep would envision Holy Week and Good Friday.  At this point you are probably wondering what in the world the sermon topic was........uh, it had nothing to do with this!  My brain just went in this direction somewhere during the hour!  I did pay attention; really, I did!

Anyway, I have to say I do love Lent, Holy Week and Easter.  As an oboist, I do my bulk of liturgical playing in these weeks.  This year I have several services to play and a recital!  Yikes, I guess I better get on that music!

Ok, enough about all of that....on to the card.  I digressed early on this post, so I'll try to stay on task to the end.

Looking at this card you might be wondering where the cricut cut is.  Well, there isn't one.  I went into CCR and had the machine draw the sheep and cross.  Then I cut the grass so I would have stencils to put it in around the sheep and cross.  I couldn't get the grass to weld the way I wanted.  I'm not sure if it's not possible or if I just don't know how to make it happen.

The sheep and crooks are from Paper Dolls Dress Up and the grass is from Paper Dolls for Everyday. I colored the cross with colored pencils.  I used colored pencils, CTMH markers, and sponged ink on the rest of the card.  The paper behind the picture is from CTMH Ariana.  The card base is Gypsy CS.

That's it.  I made the deadline with a little time to spare!  Yay!  Oops, I almost forgot; the sentiment is CTMH Happy Alphabet.

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  1. What a meaningful card Katrina! Love the cross and all the images you used. Love the coloring too!Thank you for sharing with us at FCCB!
    Have a wonderful day!