Friday, March 14, 2014

Inlaid Boots

Have you ever wanted something, but knew you could NEVER justify buying it?  I guess we all have.  That's the predicament I was in over a pair of inlaid cowboy boots.  About 4 years ago I was looking for a new pair of boots when I saw this beautiful pair.  Oh, man, were they fun!  I loved them.  Then I saw the price!!  Yikes, they were 'salty'!  There was no way I was going to pay over $400 for a pair of boots that would end up stepping in,,,,,well, you can imagine with horses at shows!

Anyway, I was practical and found a nice pair of boots at a fraction of that price and I still wear them today.  They are just about worn out and it will be time to get a new pair soon, but I still won't pay what those inlaid boots cost.  Obviously, I still think about them!  ; )

Ok, what does this have to do with paper crafting?  Well when I saw the color challenge over at Color My Heart, those colors brought back vivid memories of those boots.  So, I decided to recreate them in a card!  I have lots of horse buddies and I'm sure one of them will love this!

I went into CCR and retrieved the boot in Old West.  The hardest part was taking out all those little lines!  I then copied that boot two more times and welded two of them together in Champagne (to reflect the price of the boots I wanted) to create the base for my card.  The third boot was cut from Autumn Terra Cotta after I welded the flower and stem from Art Philosophy into it.

The toe and pull strap were cut from Barn Red.  I ran them through the Cuttlebug with a paisley folder.  I distressed with Barn Red.

I sponged over the boot to cover the white cut marks from the flower and also to give it a leather look.  I colored the heel and soul with the Autumn Terracotta Dark Marker.

The flower and stem are pieces of Hollyhock and Olive CS adhered to the back.  I glued it all together and then adhered the finished boot to my card base.   Since all cowgirls like a little (or a lot of) bling, I finished it off with some Sparkle Gems from the CTMH Tan/Brown Collection.

Alright, I'm off to the barn now.  No cowboy boots today; too muddy!  Muck boots are in order.  Don't worry, I won't be making in muddy, muck boot cards!  hahaha

Be sure to check out all the fun bling at Katiescorner for all your sparkly needs!


  1. Will you please, please, please make a muck boot card? 'Cause, like you with your beautiful inlaid boots, I now can't stop thinking about muck boots. LOL!

    This card is just flat out ADORABLE!! I'm not sure how much work went into it, but it turned out amazing. Thanks for linking it up at Color My Heart, and so glad the colors this week reminded you of those elusive $400 boots.

    1. Muck boots.......Ah, maybe this inspires the colors for one week! Let's see: black, brown, brown, black, green, brown. What do ya' think? hahaha

  2. AWESOME card. I am blown away. So creative. I think it will be hard for you to give it away.

  3. Very cute cowboy boots! Adding the paisley embossing is such a wonderful detail. Thanks for taking the Color Dare.