Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial on a Thursday: Write and Cut

I'm inspired to share this video due to my misunderstanding a question from a blog friend!  Hopefully, this will clear up the questions on Write and Cut!

Please keep in mind this video is a rough, unedited, piece out there only to teach.  You get the real me with "uhh's," ramblings about off kilter "stuff," and really bad camera work!  ; )  So, sit back and watch at your own risk!

Ok, you're still here, so you survived the video!  Whew, that's good to know.  I decided since I actually cut this, I would go ahead and make the tag even though I don't need one like this currently!

I finished up with a background and a couple of hearts cut from the CTMH Fundamentals.  This particular heart pattern is retired, but the Fundamental Cardstock is still available in all colors!  I backed the house cut-out with a scrap from a retired CTMH paper, Huntington.  I hole punched and added a bit of Flaxen Extra Thick Twine.  I plan to hand write "to recipient" in the little house!  Well, not actually the word recipient, but you know what I mean!

Tomorrow, I have a very special project to share with you in honor of my sister's birthday!  In addition, there are prizes, you'll want to check that out!!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a while today; I'm always glad you came by for a visit.  Know you are always appreciated here and I welcome you to ask questions, leave comments, contact me, check out other posts and pages on my blog, or head over to for shopping, ideas and professional videos from CTMH!


  1. Katrina getting closer and think this was in answer to my question on Write and Print on Cricut. Okay, instead of the house cut out I want the stamped image there and I want it to Print the stamped image on the Cricut and then have the cricut cut out the image. But I think the cut would have to be a tiny bit bigger than the image so as not to cut on the print of the image. I know I'm such a bother and so confusing.

  2. Hey, Sue! You are not a bother!! I'm just not quite sure what we're trying to achieve. Have you seen something on my blog or another blog like what you are asking about? Maybe if I see it, I could figure out how it was done.

    I can tell you how to import stamps and cut out the pieces so you can stamp on them as in this project: But I'm not sure I know how to get the Cricut to "write/draw with pens" the stamped image and then cut it.

    Here is a blog address with lots of info about using pens in the Cricut; she might have info on this topic:

    Now, if the stamp is not very complex, you can import the image into your project 2 times. The first one you can hide contour lines. The second one you click to "write". Attach them and it will draw and cut. If that is what you are after, I can show you that if you'd like.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help further! It's fun for me to try to figure out new things, so you are definitely not a bother! ; )

    1. 4th paragraph, that's exactly what I wanted. I was working with the Kaola Bear today and almost accomplished it but it cut all the lines, but hide contour lines is the answer for the one cut. I don't have any trouble uploading or importing the files. The koala was too thick and design to zig-zagity so the cut wasn't great. Anyway, I think you've answered it and will try it tomorrow. I gave up on it today because I had to get my card challenge in for ColorMyHeart Color Dare, ended up stamping and fussy-cutting. Thank you so much for your help...the tutorials are a little blurred but with your voice you give enough details to get through the screens. Again, thanks, I'll let you know tomorrow how I did.

  3. CUTE Tag & great Video! Always nice to help other bloggers with question about the machines they use! :)

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations