Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial part 2 on a Wednesday

Ok, here it is...... part 2 of the September 15 Tuesday Tutorial.  Again, it is a rough video with terrible camera work, but it gets the point across.....hopefully!  ; )

I see it this way, if you were in my craft room with me, you would sit and listen to me ramble on as the Cricut read the sensor marks and cut the images.  I'd hate to take away that fun just because you are seeing it on my blog or YouTube.  haha

So, grab a cup of coffee, cocoa, or a cool lemonade and join me for ScrappyHorses live and unedited full of bloopers, ummms, and ramblings!

I finished off the card very *quickly with Topiary and Sky inks for a background.   *Quickly as in about 5 minutes!

To keep the inks off my camper, I cut a 2nd camper and temporarily taped it down over the printed camper.  After inking the sky and grass, I removed the taped piece.  See pic below.

I colored my camper with a scribble sort of technique using CTMH colored pencils and the Touch markers in Light Orange and Warm Grey.

Camper stamp is from CTMH Camper Crazy.  Clouds are from the CTMH Artiste cartridge.  The font is from Old West cartridge.

Thanks for joining me today!  You are so welcome to ask questions, leave me comments, suggest ideas for Shares/Tutorials, etc.  As always I welcome you to check out for ideas, professional videos, and shopping.


  1. Look at you making videos! You go Girl! Fun Video!!! Super CUTE card! :) Have a great day!

    Theresa’s Crafty Creations

  2. Katrina, thanks for the tutorial...appreciate it. I was trying to make it print on the cricut instead of my printer but it insisted I use my printer. Plus I didn't know the cricut read the lines to know where to start the cut. However, since I have all the pens for cricut, can the print be done on the cricut and then cut. Is there a way to do that or do you have to do all your printing on your printer and then let it read the lines for a cut?

    1. Ok, I understand the question! Let me work on that one.