Monday, November 2, 2015


It's time for another Path of Positivity post!  Yes, it's that time to ponder and take a positive approach to our key word/phrase for November.  Now, what could be better than thinking about Gratefulness this month?  Here in the US we spend our month of November preparing for Thanksgiving and remembering to give thanks.  

But......what if we were truly grateful every month?  every day?  

My own example:  So often I scramble to the barn, clean stalls, rush off to teach oboe lessons, hurry back home to feed, reluctantly take phone calls, struggle with business decisions, write lesson plans, work with horses, et cetera, and I totally miss the big picture!  

However, when I look through eyes of gratitude, I see what is around me and realize just how fortunate I am to have been given such unique opportunities.   I am blessed with the joy of watching the lives of children change through horsemanship and music every day.  I am charmed to spend time with all the kids, my family and friends.  

This unique leaf from Scribbles Designs reminds me of my life filled with so many facets.  It seems there are so many dissimilar  parts to this leaf, but still it is curiously beautiful ~ ~ much like my life!  Yes, this leaf in my art journal will prompt me to look through eyes of gratitude as I go through my daily routine!  

This month at Path of Positivity,  prizes and beautiful sponsored images are from: Scribbles Designs and Kitten Scraps.   

Ok, now it's your turn to visit Path of Positivity and tell us your thoughts on Gratefulness and share an influenced piece.  I look forward to seeing what you have to share with us!  Please check out the inspirational projects from the Design Team and all the prizes offered on the site.  

As always, I am grateful you came by for a visit!  

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  1. Love all the different textures on your page and the way you have coloured the leaf.