Monday, August 1, 2016

Create Confidence!

We all enjoyed a little vacation over at Path of Positivity, but I'm sure I speak for the team in saying it's good to be back!  This month our theme is confidence. 

Hmm......confidence.  What do I think of when I hear that word?  

First off I think of the kids returning to school this month.  It takes confidence for those little ones to start school, or those in-betweeners to head off to Middle School/Jr. High, and those ridiculous pressures that go along with starting HS.......jeesh, you couldn't pay me to go back to HS!  Of course, it takes a boat load of confidence to head off to college/vocational school or start the new job.

Of course, I also think of the State Fairs this month.  Everyone heading off to show their best work in a competitive setting in everything from animals to culinary to arts.  That definitely takes confidence.

Then I think about all of us.  Yes, us!  All the crafters who put ourselves out there in every blogpost!  The artists/crafters/designers who put their work out there for everyone to judge.  Now, I realize most of us put our work out there in challenges where we are lifted by kind/positive comments and that feels great!

 Consider this, have you ever put a great deal of time and effort into a special piece and then received little to no praise?  Maybe you just have the one comment from the challenge you entered and maybe it was a generic sort of comment because that person was in a rush.  Maybe you had a piece you thought was so unique or special it was bound to take the craft world by storm, but no one else seemed to see it.  Have you ever been in a situation where you created something and no one seemed to appreciate it?  We've all been there!  

Hey, wait......this is Path of Positivity....the key word being positivity!  So, let's get this post back on the path, shall we?  That's where confidence comes in to play.  Ok, maybe others didn't/couldn't appreciate our work; that's ok!   We as artists need to know that truly is OK and we are OK!  

It takes a very unique sort of confidence to work/play in the arts.  We need to feel good about ourselves and our performance even when others aren't acknowledging it.  Our egos need to be cared for by us and not necessarily others.  

So, go out there with your own unique confidence and put yourself on the line knowing you have created what you were led to create!

*   *   *   

Material List
Image:  Artsy by Scribbles Designs
Copic Markers
Paint Splotches created with the CTMH Ink Blot Stamp Set
CTMH Inks:  Pear, Ruby, Canary, Glacier
CTMH Cardstock:  White Daisy, Ruby
Sentiment:  My own with CTMH Artbooking Font

So now it's time for you to pop on over to Path of Positivity to see what the design team has to offer and check out the great prizes from Scribbles Designs, Ike's Art, Creative Bug Digis, and Decosses Dynamite Doodles!

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