Monday, January 7, 2019

Inspiring Peace

As we start the journey of a new year at Path of Positivity, we are pondering Inspiration this month and the idea is to make a project with the purpose of uplifting or motivating someone.  Well, I suppose I felt I needed some inspiration here at the start of the year!  

I chose to use this beautiful image, Peace Dove, from Ike's Art in some Bible journaling.   

I felt it would illustrate the verses in Philippians 4:4-9 quite nicely.  I am motivated to work on making our home and my life as peaceful as I can.  

I used colored pencils to color the peace sign and the olive branch.  Then I went with Inktense pencils to "water color" the blue.  When it came time to highlight the text, I drew over it with my Inktense pencil and then wiped over it the verses with a baby wipe.  

The funny/ironic part of it was when I did this, I couldn't get the color to go over the text: "put it into practice."  This made me smile and I quit trying to add color to that part.  It seemed to point out to me, you won't get it, but PRACTICE it anyway!  hee hee  Being a musician, I know there are many pieces I can work on over and over, but there is much to be gained from the practice even if I NEVER get it exactly right!  And the good news for me is, as long as I put these good things into practice, the God of Peace will be with me!  

So, now I'm motivated to practice ~  music, peace, art, and other noble attributes!  

Happy New Year!

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  1. A super creation. :-) Thank you for using my image and it is a pleasure to Sponsor you All.
    IKE x

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