Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's always a good day when you learn something about yourself!

Preface:  Lots of introspection here having not a lot to do with this entry in my Crush Book!  However, sometimes working on new techniques, using new tools, and breaking into new papers can be much like this trail discovery for me!  When you get down to the darker print, you'll be back in the scrapping zone!

 Sitting down at my craft table looking at my pics from my recent trip to Jamboree gives me time for reflection.  I can't believe how much I learned about myself and others during those 4 days.  It doesn't seem like much time to make such discoveries; but I suppose when one is immersed in things so out of the everyday zone, she picks up on a few things!

I went out full of great expectations to love trail riding.  I thought my horse and I would get out there and relax and enjoy nature.  Much to my dismay, I found we both seemed to hate it!  He started loping in place the second we hit the trail head!  I was holding him back the entire time and we were both exhausted and frustrated upon the return of the 2 and 1/2 hour ride.  I didn't think it was ever going to end!

The people around me were relaxed, laughing and having a great time.  It frustrated me to no end since I couldn't seem to enjoy that same feeling!  The following day when everyone was going out for another ride, I chose to stay behind and work in the round pens and out in the grassy area.  There, Jake and I had a wonderful time working on maneuvers and gait impulsion.  We were back in our working element and relaxed.

The third day we rode in a clinic and that was the best!  Yeah, I'm a strange one.  I'm more relaxed in a clinic riding and learning in front of people than I am on a "relaxing" trail ride.  Go figure!

Well it's good to know who I'm not ---- and currently I'm NOT a trail rider!  Who knows, one day I may get there.  For now I'm relating to the Dr. Seuss stamp from the Happy stamp set.

I am loving the freedom of creating in my Wildwood Crush Book.  I was a bit intimidated at first -- not sure why -- but now I'm loving using it as sort of a pictorial/art journal of my life events.  It's a great place to write down some sentiments, epiphanies, try new techniques, etc.  I really like using odds and ends from other larger layouts.  It also feels a bit indulgent because it's all about me!  I don't scrap much about me, so this is different.

Everything here is from CTMH except the buckle from my stash, the homemade texture paste on the sentiment tag, copper embossing powder, and the white gesso I used to cover the page on the left.  I didn't want the background to be quite so prominent.

Paper is from the Skylark and Ivy Lane.  The little orange flower is from the new Scaredy Cat.

CTMH Stamp Sets include Timberline Workshop, Huntington Workshop, Skylark Workshop and You are My Happy.

Embellishments:  Sparkle Gems Tan/Brown, Mini-Medley Accents, Mocha Gems, Wildwood Assortment, Bakers Twine, Brown Stripe Ribbon, and Timberline Assortment.

Cricut Cartridges:  CTMH Art Philosophy

All CTMH is from Katiescorner.

So, am I glad I went on that 2 1/2 hour trail of torture?  Yeah, I guess I am........actually, I know I'm glad I did it.  Why?  Because I did it!  I didn't fall off and I didn't throw up, was a good day!

My Crush book entry is going off to Heart 2 Heart challenge:  Favorite Tool.  This might sound strange, but the tool I use EVERY time a scrap is my All Purpose Mat!  I love inking, as you know from my favorite technique entry, and using texture paints, glimmer mists, etc.  Therefore, this mat is a must!  It cleans off like none other.  I keep it out laying over my up-side-down Versamat which is another of my favorite tools.  Using this layout of tools I'm always ready to stamp, glue, use paste, whatever!


  1. Another wonderful layout- you do the My Crush books so well! Thanks for playing with us at H2H challenges.

  2. beautiful My Crush page! I struggle with that book, but you did it justice :)

  3. I love it, I have not yet ventured into the My Crush books yet, you did awesome@ Thanks for playing along with H2H!