Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hey! Those are my boots!

Ok, I'm playing catch up today!  I love to participate in the Heart 2 Heart challenges, but this past month has been a busy one getting ready for the PPFC this past Saturday at my barn.  You'll be hearing more about it in the next few days as I scrap pics and share some of the fun and frivolity!

Ah, but I have digressed from this post.........uh, back to playing catch up........oh, yes...the very first challenge this month in scrapbooking was "Show us your selfies!"  Yee gads, I hate selfies!  I know they're all the trend, but I truly can't, and don't, take pictures of myself!  I went to my photo program to see if I had any.........no, none there.  I went to my phone, no......wait!  Those are my boots taken with my phone!  I must have taken those pics!  Yes, I remember; it was during the spring flood of 2011 just weeks before Keith's graduation party!  

UGH, it was terrible out here!  Horses were in for weeks and we were digging trenches to get the water to drain from our property.  I'll not soon forget waking up to geese swimming in our pasture and the water just inches from the house!  I remember walking out further and further wondering how far I could venture before the water would be over my rain boots.  

So, here it is; my selfie!  I know, this isn't what you had in mind, but there's a great story here and I lived it making it worthy of note in My Crush Book!  ; )

Here are a few of the CTMH details:

Lollydoodle papers
Hollyhock Zipper Lace
Color Ready Canvas Alphabet
Flamingo Dots
Lagoon Shimmer Tape
My Crush Book
Wildwood Assortment

The raindrops were done with a stencil I cut from Cricut Creative Bug which is free in DS.  I cut the stencil and used homemade texture paste tinted with Sky re-inker.  I did gesso the page with clear gesso before using the paste.  No worries using gesso or paint on these pages because they are thick!  Paint them, sand them, gesso them, put brads through them, possibilities are endless with these durable pages!

The boots were cut from Cricut Paisley Cartridge.

Check out the My Crush Book products at KatiesCorner!  I really love my book.  It's such a fun place to document my memories, art journal, glue in a few pics, or just "goof around" with some new ideas.  I was nervous about using it....silly, I know.....but I truly enjoy it now!  Here are some other Crush Book entries:  Indulge Me, Please, It's Always a Good Day......, and My Crush Books.  My book happens to be the Wildwood Book and as you can see, many of the CTMH papers compliment it really well!  I'm sure that is true of all the My Crush Books.

Oh, by the way, I had nominated Miss Katie to do an All About Me sort of page and it's up at Katie's Corner!  Check it out!

Interestingly enough, it's raining here!  So, I better get out to the barn and feed again.  Hope it's sunny in your world!


  1. Cute idea, Katrina! Nice boots, too :). Glad you could play along with us at H2H!

  2. Such a fun layout, I love the back story too, I do not get the trendy of "selfies" I have taken self photos before back in the 80's when no one would be around to get a picture of a friend and I together but they were called self photos back then.

    But I digress, super cute layout, LOVE the boots and the hollyhock zipper trim, so cute!Thanks for playing along with H2H Challenges!

    Brandi R
    Heart 2 Heart Challenges DT member