Monday, December 17, 2018

Metallics: Reflections of the Year!

As we conclude the journey through the colors over at the Path of Positivity, we are continuing the month with metallics.  

This delightful Copic colored digi, Camera Life, makes for the perfect tag to conclude my 2018 color tag journal!  

Metallics reflect the world around us, but the best thing about them is they reflect the bright moments that are full of light!  This concept led me down a path of reflection.  The past year has been a difficult journey for us.  But photos don't lie; there have been some very bright and fun moments!  

As I look at the beautiful metals (ornaments, tinsel, icicles, etc) on the tree reflecting the Christmas lights, I think about how I can reflect what is bright in this world as well.  Sure, I could dwell on the dark, dismal "stuff" in our world, but I can also step out into the light and reflect the beauty around me!  

My goal for 2019 is to find those beautiful moments and shine a bright light on them, take lots of pictures of them, and enjoy the reflections!

This tag is off to the following challenges:  

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